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"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus

Tuesday Treasures

Today is a good day for Tuesday Treasures. I’ve got Frank Sinatra on singing about the city that never sleeps, and I’m not doing any homework. Also two funny things happened today. My teacher was explaining our independent study unit and this is what happened.

teacher: blahblahblah i’ll give you a heads –

vice principal: *walks in without knocking, stops, stairs suspiciously, shuts the door*

students: what kind of “heads” are you talking about?

(think dirty. we’re a pack of immature children here.)

*insert awkward silence here*

vice principal: *comes back in* yeah i have a feeling i walked in somewhere and missed the rest because that did not sound right. *tries to shake the image away* i’ll just…. you’re in trouble.

and we all burst out laughing.

funny thing number two:

teacher: so what are some of your themes?

unnamed girl 1.: love!

unnamed girl 2.:  suicide!

unnamed boy 1.: fear!

unnamed boy 2.: justice!

unexpected boy 1: wolves! *huge dorky smile*

Another laugh.

English class was a blast. For the rest, you just had to be there.

So anyway, here’s this week’s batch of interesting finds!

this made me laugh

WANT. these. shoes.

This scared me. Why must they promote her hideous-ness….

Alice’s dress for Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland when she falls in the rabbit hole. It’s so cute!

I am a huge fan of Dakota Fanning. I think she’s a wonderful young actress! And the one reason I’m going to watch New Moon. Dudes, she could fill out Kristen’s role any day! And look at her costume. Precious!

World’s largest jellyfish, the Nomura. It weighs up to 450 pounds and there are 20 million of them in Japanese waters. Ever since I watched the documentary on jellyfish, I’ve been scared of them. Jellyfish in general have survived5 ice ages! They can adapt in anything, and possibly even rule the universe. That’s right, people. Space Jellyfish.


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2 Responses

  1. Kerri Lynne says:

    man, i have to have those shoes! (or at least some inexpensive variation because, i mean, let’s be realistic here…… haha!)

  2. TrishieKoh says:

    I want those shoes too!!! And that’s one crazy big jellyfish…freaky.

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