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"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus

The Johnny Depp Files

I think my contact lenses are making me a wee little dizzy.

I’ve been having random heat flashes (NO NOT THOSE ONES EW) and moments where I’m actually swaying when I walk and everything gets blurry. I’m thinking it’s just this new thing I have to adjust myself into, and the mix of quickly-changing air pressure during the Fall time. The air pressure usually causes my vein to explode. At least I haven’t been bleeding? I just hope I won’t jinx myself and I’ll bleed out tomorrow at work. Yikes! Don’t want that to happen. It’s not that I don’t eat in the morning, too. That’s my sister. She does not like food. *whispers* freak……

Today was a boring day. I didn’t learn much. Nothing happened. Yesterday either. I’m slowly going back into that school-every-day routine vibe. But hey, I don’t complain about school. Like, ever.

In other news

My mother and I are both huge fans of the actor you all well know (and if you don’t, I’ll slap you. c: ), Johnny Depp. I have read his biography. I know a lot about him that most fans are ignorant about. It’s made his character very clear to me, and to be fairly honest – I just like him there. In an interview or public appearance or red carpet event, he is BORING. He’s never liked to come out in public. He just wants to act for the acting. Notice how little we see him in magazines these days? He’s probably payed every tabloid to basically fuck off. He’s a private man. He just wants to do his thing, make a movie, go home to his wife, Paradis. I think you’ll find my point very clear as you watch this interview.

Now, Letterman’s a very honest celebrity talk show host. I’ve been to his studio back in NYC. I jizzed in my pants right there. XD

Anyway, he has serious and personal questions for all his guests, and always manages to twist them into something funny. I noticed this after watching Joaquin Phoenix the other day (although right now he’s long gone from Hollywood, somewhere between watching his beard grow and writing a rap song… quite disturbing.). Some celebs take it personally, the way he interviews, but Johnny stiffled a few laughs there. He doesn’t want too much attention on himself. But really. Can he help it with such a sexy face like his? Tough crowd, is all I’m saying. Not to mention, a few Oscars ago, he appeared for Pirates of the Caribbean. This is what happened.

announcer: “and here is johnny depp and gorgeous vanessa! Johnny! Are you excited?!”

johnny: *tips his hat. Cuz he’s badass that way – of course he does it without smiling. or any sign of enthusiasm.* “yes. yes i am.”

My mom and I exchanged looks.

Ah, well.

I suppose you can’t always have both of best worlds, huh.

Unless you’re James Franco.

*tiger growl*

Come. To. Bed. Now. C:


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  1. Wendy says:

    Oh man I’m such a Johnny Depp fan too. One of the reasons I love him so much is exactly that attitude that he has about fame. Plenty of stars say that the whole fame part is the downside of being a celebrity and then go out and do everything they can to keep getting attention.

    Johnny says it, means it and his actions prove it. I admire that. Plus, he’s hot.

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