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"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus

Operation Fright Night part 1

It’s 11:30pm. I just got back from my first shift. My make-up is slowly separating from its oil base, the dark crimson corn-starch is stuck to my hair, and boy what an eventful evening it was!

I arrived at the house, it was 6pm. I had my natural chai energy drink half-drunk, my necessary all-black clothing and a scarf to keep me warm. My role tonight was Black Hole Guard. I was to stand in front of a structure spinning on itself, with a staircase cutting through. Lights turn around constantly, making it difficult for the passengers to keep their balance. Basically, the best part of the ride itself because the kids as well as adults adore the thrill.

For the first hour, nothing happened. I wasn’t scary. I was losing my mojo. Very quickly.

Then, a small group of four walked in. Some big asian guy: non-stop laughing. Would not shut up. His best friend (I’m assuming), a tiny asian girl and her best friend. Tiny Asian Girl was feeling ill, a little wobbly. Best Friend helped her through the dreadedness that is the Barn of Terror. I thought she was just drunk, as many teens who make it here are, but she was pale as chalk! I was a little worried at first, but didn’t step out of character. They went through the Black Hole, and when they were just about to turn, there was a thud.

Annoying Laughing Guy’s Friend turned around looking unsure. We exchanged gazes. He was clearly in some kind of panic, and I rushed out of my position to help. My heart was pounding hard against my ribcage – what the hell was I supposed to do?! I mean, we had discussed this sort of situation before, but I never actually experienced it!

Her friend managed to catch her before she could hit her head. Annoying Laughing Guy’s friend picked her up (in a very knight-in-shining-armor kind of way. . . Lucky girl. She was conscious by then, but really woozy, so I lead them out of the house.

I hate myself for not accompanying them any further. There was another group coming, and I went right back into character. Was that selfish of me? I’m not quite sure myself.

There were a few things that made me laugh tonight, and I quickly forgot about that panicked moment. Because my station goes in a V shape, and they go through the tunnel in the right line, and go out to the left, they somehow always think I have a twin. It’s like when they go through it, they think they’ve gone upstairs.  I’ve been asked plenty of times if I had a twin. The best part is: that’s what freaks them out the most. They ask themselves how many of me is there?! really?!

Some comments I recieved from people trying to sound cool for their friends:

me: *works the magic*

dude: You know, there’s an App. for that.

me: *works the magic*

dude: Get a haircut. And a real job.

me: *works the magic*

girl: wow your hair’s gorgeous! seriously. what shampoo do you use? do you straighten?

me: *switches sides*


me: *works the magic* I had my arms in front showing blood in my palms.

dude: what are you selling?  the world’s biggest vagina?

me: *works the magic*

dude: are you single?

me: *works the magic*

group of girls: Oh my god, I know her! She goes to my school!

(ok that wasn’t fun. I don’t like it when people recognize me at work haha.)

me: *works the magic*


girl: awh, look, you made a friend!

At the end of the night, we chatted a bit because the house was pretty much empty. Some kids saw us and asked to do the Black Hole again. We were nice, so we let them. But then their other friends wanted to join and we weren’t sure if we’d closed yet, so we tried to dispatch them out. They were stubborn, wanted to stay longer. My team leader saw what was going on and chased them out, luckily. But they still thought we were the coolest ever for letting them.


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