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"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus

Operation Fright Night part 2

People, sometimes, I swear.

I was working a night-shift last night again. I was outside, in our ride called The Field of Screams. It’s like a trail you go through with different stations the actors are placed in to scare people. Very colorful scenes.

Anyway, so I was an ex-camper kind of thing, starting at 7:30 when it started to get darker. I had my own little scary camp. A lot of space to work on. It gave me much more freedom in terms of my act. First, I tried the classic “scream as they pass by”, my arms flailing from between the bars of my little cage. That didn’t frighten people – they were safe. I was trapped. I couldn’t get them.

So then I moved on to attempt number two. I crawled out of my station, to where the people walk beside it. I stand still; at first, they don’t think I’m real. They think I’m a statue with really long black hair and a strangely distorted body. My hair covers my face, but with the pale makeup on, there’s a tiny slit between the strands, much like the featured ghost of The Grudge (or traditionally, Jyu On). They get closer, whimpering. I laugh inside. I start to move against the gate that once kept me inside, my choreography inspired by the beasts from Silent Hill (which, in my book, had one of the best production designs out there. beautiful and terrifying: my favorite.). But thing is, I’m out now. And that scares the living shit out of them.

I follow them in character, getting really close to get the most out of their discomfort. I chase ’em for a while. I love when they turn their heads, push their friends ahead to avoid me. I also love when they play along. It adds to the mood! One of the best parts of acting? I see the truth behind people. I’ve made men run for their lives, gangsters swear and tumble, little girls punch. Fabulous times.

A group of preteens came through once. One of them wanted to look cool for her friends and decided to chuck her pepsi in my face. I was blinded for a moment, the fizz burning at my contacts. It was dripping in my hair, making it all sticky and gross. They kept giving me beef. You do not want to pick a fight with me. Especially if you’re twelve years old! I got really pissed off and chased them out. Would have punched her in the face if I had the chance. At the same time, I cut my hand against the wired fence.

Luckily, I had a friend in the next station and she quickly got my mood back up. It was only affected now by the occasional tourist who decided to bring his camera and flash one at me. When it’s dark and you’re in there for the longest time, you do not want to be photographed. I saw white for a few minutes. And just when my sight came back, there was another asshole taking a picture! At least I got to pose and be all weird without them knowing who I really am. I hope I never see them again. That would be weird.

I got many comments on my hair. People would often touch it, just to see if it’s real. They liked how it was so long and wavy, like I really haven’t had time to cut it. It’s my signature feature! It’s what attracts people and frightens them at the same time. Although, often, someone would think I’m a dude. Some kind of Slipknot headbanger. Or they’d think I’m cousin It. No, I’m not a fan of heavy metal. No, I’m not related to the Addams family. No, I will not lend you my virginity. Yes. I do look like the Grudge, or the girl from The Ring.

Today, I’m tired. I need to do homework. My mom’s cooking tonight’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Later, then!


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2 Responses

  1. TrishieKoh says:

    You have such an interesting and cool job!!

  2. Kerri Lynne says:

    sounds fun! except, what kind of a jerk throws pepsi on a PERSON? i mean, don’t they go there to have fun? don’t care if she was a tween, that’s so rude!

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