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"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus

Operation Fright Night part 3.

The night was fairly uneventful. People still believed my hair was a wig and just to make sure, they would yank down hard just enough to piss me off. I thought I’d caught a bunch of rats smoking weed inside the haunted house, but to my surprise, I was wrong and let them go in peace. I was also asked a lot of questions tonight. I tried to answer in character the best I could. Nothing horribly wrong happened, and I didn’t do anything stupid except for that one time when I was about to leave with the costume still on my back. Luckily, I went back inside the prop room without no one ever noticing.

Today, we went to the University of Ottawa for an open house they were having. There was a bazillion kids there, and absolutely no organization. It was hell. I got lost so many times, ended up sticking with my friends instead of risking going to the class I registered for. It was free, so not a big scar on my wallet. Or, rather, mom’s.

For lunch, they gave away 6$ off any campus restaurant coupons, earning myself a free Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks! Now, I’m not a fan of the restaurant. Or coffee for that matter. I hate coffee. But I’m one of those quirky cider fans. I like the natural-tasting sweetness and the scent, especially. It was delicious, and went fabulously with my Subway – for which I also got myself a savings card. At last! I always go to Subway. It’s delicious, non-greasy, and well priced! My order is always foot-long grilled chicken with lots of olives. Letus, of course, and tomatoes. I try to limit my consummation of meats to chicken. I’m, per say, a “getting there” vegetarian. Although I have a hard time refusing anything my wonderful mum cooks, when I’m out, it’s never something else than chicken if there’s meat.


It was about 1pm when I finally met up with my usual “gang”. It was such a relief to see them! I just had to tell them about my potential prom dress, which is adorable and supe pretty! My mom took all the measures to get it online, from a website called unique-vintage.com. Yes. It’s a vintage dress!! I think I’m going to get it for real because my mom loved it as much as I did and it was cheaper than she thought it would be. Which is weird on her part, since she never trusts the net when it comes to buying. She seemed to like this one though! So exciting!

After walking to the downtown part of the city, we stopped for the others for their lunch at McDonalds. I was craving fries, so I bought a large one. Turns out there was too much in there so I gave it to my friend, Anastasia. I wanted to give it to a hobo, but she was closest. When we came across a hobo asking for money for coffee, I snapped it right off her hands and offered them to him. He was so happy! It really warmed my heart. It’s a wonderful feeling, doing a good deed that way. Usually, they reject food, for drug money. It’s ridiculous. But this one looked really excited to start eating those fries!

I bussed to the bus station closest to my house (which is a 15 minute drive away) at the end of the day. Went home. Finished an overdue essay. Didn’t eat. And went to work.

And to top the cake, I got my paycheck! Yay! See what happens when you make someone you don’t know happy? You get a direct handshake from karma itself. Now, I’m not religious or anything, but karma is something I definitely believe in.


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  1. Heidi Rose says:

    Yay! I love doing good deeds. I gave someone a hug today, when they were feeling crummy. And I think that counts.

    By the way, that dress is sooo lovely.

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