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"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus

Cloud Number Nine…. Teen!

Today, I can do a lot more things than I could last year.

I have more freedom, more independence. I don’t need my parents’ approval for everything anymore. I can do what I want, when I want. Not to suggest I’ll go off doing irresponsible things thinking that I do them because I can. I’ll still be the same old me. Old… Jesus, I am old!

Everything feels mildly different. I feel freed from all that teenage angst, the pressure from the parents/friends/family/work. I feel like I’ve just sprung out of a lake and finally caught my true breath.

Three of my very close friends (including Nick, my younger sister’s newly-turned ex) came over for some fun-time karaokeing on Saturday night. I’d already received my birthday present (my contact lenses), but I also got some very nifty pens (i have a thing for them… i like creative sketching! ) from Anastasia, and Nick is taking me Halloween costume shopping!! He’s a really sweet guy. Baffled me when he saw no one was coming to the intended all-girls night in, despite his recent break-up with my sister. They’re bickering like an old married couple now. It’s irritating, but because I’m a better friend than sister, his side keeps drawing me! I’ve known him since he must’ve been 9, I don’t know. I still consider him as a little brother that I never had, and he thinks of me as his older sister.

Anastasia made delicious Sex In a Pan, too! We ate it so fast DX

Good times are settling in. My mom just began research for the renovations, calling in people to work on our house. Already, most of them have looked through it, finding the little problems that could risk a good sell. We’re putting this baby on the market to finally move to the city in Montreal, where the rest of my family lives. Also, Montreal is considered the New York City of Canada. Its got its own film & Tv Industry, and Concordia University, the one I’m currently aiming for to get my Major in!

DSCF6432I need to look at this fortune cookie messsage every day now. It’s my first this year – opened it tonight. I was very surprised!

It’s looking sunny already!


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