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"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus

Tuesday Treasures

Another good day today! My friends are collaborating on paying me a ticket to the Homecoming this november. I’m so excited and utterly grateful! Also, with our Steven Speilberg collection in tech/media class, we finished watching Close Encounters of The Third Kind. The teacher calls it the epiphany of suspense in a major motion picture. He’s right…. perhaps even too right! You’ll have to see for yourselves if you haven’t seen this. Very hip during my mother’s teenage years.

Also… apparently, I’m the boob fairy. Says the ass-licking little creature who looks like

I’m scared, too. *shudders*

mural art. pretty rad. i want this on my bedroom wall. not even joking.


a collection of amazing contemporary artwork.

very pretty fashion photography.

This boy… delightfully shaggable.

I lol’d! XD


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One Response

  1. Heidi Rose says:

    Bwahaha, those harry potter pictures are awesome. Haha, ew, wormtail.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog (and commenting!).


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