{ C o l i b r i – – ☂

"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus


This is an Iambic Pentameter I wrote for an assignment.

A gentle caress , a pleasant whisper

To ease the disarray of my slumber

Tenderness releasing from strings aligned

The hovering sonance help me unbind

Like frothy cream against my acute ears

Or darling wiping under swelled tears

A kitten’s tail wrapped around my ankles

A prisoner, at last, freed from shackles

A swell in emotion, ever clearer-

Lyrics gather to become your mirror

Channeling through encountered hollow souls

They remain, replenishing bereft holes

A companion to all in love and hate

For those in refuge of voidom’s dictate

Just close your eyes in succoring darkness

To a dream absenced of carnal illness

Withdraw from reason , uninterrupted

The world is yours ; no longer corrupted

It dissolves further from the melody

To allow you perfect serenity


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