{ C o l i b r i – – ☂

"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus


The wind was picking up fast on the afternoon of Halloween night, and I worried that the thickening clouds weren’t rolling fast enough through the skies. When I made it to work, I was glad to find the skies had cleared, and Saunders Farm welcomed its final day of Halloweek with perfect Fall weather!

Now, though it’s a popular attraction during the month of October, Halloween night gets pretty empty. There were a few here and there, and a single busy hour, but we got to hang out and chat between customers. Got plenty of hugs, though, and a group of college students were really fond of me because I let them through my area as many times as they like – even though it’s illegal. I was bored and felt like being nice ;D

This is me & the gang in the house gathering on the second floor while there was no one around.

Well, I had a great Halloween month, and with university coming up, I expect it to be my last at Saunders Farm. I’m definitely going to miss this amazing experience and everyone who spent it with me.

Today, I’m sick with a cold. It’s finally found me! Thankfully, it’s not the Swine Flu, so I’m going to hope  I’ll be healthy again by next weekend. I’m spending it in my beautiful native city of Montreal, and I’ll bring pictures for you guys when I return!


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