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"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus

Being a Busy Bee

Last Friday, my friends and I went to a charity event organized by someone who used to work at our school. It’s a semi-formal party that only our school is allowed to attend. It was located in a simple-enough hall, with chandeliers, a little buffet, and round chairs placed here and there. The food tasted like icicles, but otherwise, we had a lot of fun. This party also made me realise how much I need to lose weight. o-o

I’m third from the left. The one thing that pissed got me down that night…. it was that time of the month.

I came back home at around 12:30am, got ready, went to bed at 1am. The next morning, I had to wake up at 6:20am – i know, brutal – to go for a two-hour car drive to Montreal City, where I went to visit universities.

Now, as you all know, I am planning on pursuing my studies in film production – a very competitive program. At the first university I visited, Concordia, I was incredibly stunned by their program. It is one of the most prestigious in Canada, and it shows. Some members of the program were nominated for Oscars. For Canadians to go that far – that’s pretty legit to me!

I walked into the auditorium, while my cousin went to the presentation for the photography program (which apparently sucked). The production teacher first starts his speech.

“Now, for those interested in making Fight Club action movies (I raised my head with interest), or slasher horror movies and shit like that – get the fuck out. We don’t want you.” Four, five people left. I was considering, but was too curious and decided to listen to the whole thing. This guy was intriguing. He continued explaining how  Concordia focuses on the creative development and how its students in the film production/animation program can input their vision & personality on screen. Which is exactly what I have been looking for. The other schools? If you’ve held a camera before, you’re good to go. But Concordia is more than that. It encourages the creative process, weird/wacko visions that don’t seem to make sense at all. It realized, I think, how 90% of films today are based on something, and note exactly a produce of the film creator’s mind.They want originality. They want the people to remember that the film industry is, in itself, a form of art, and not only advertisement! I was completely blown away and now, I am determined to show them that, though I’m not the best with equipment, my mind is craving to explode onto the screen.  The downer here is I can’t use any projects I’ve created in highschool because all of those was teamwork. For my portfolio, they demand a 3 minute film demonstrating my vision. I’m not panicking about this – I’ve got plenty of ideas for it!  My media teacher is encouraging me to work extra hard on this and he is lending me equipment so I can have something before the profiles deadline. Although, I think that, because I’m not good with machines, I won’t survive very long. But my creativity is stronger than my technical knowledge – which is the criteria pursued by this University.

Now, the second university – I won’t even talk about it. It spat in my face, totally not interested. Not something I want to attend. >>

I know I haven’t posted a Tuesday Treasures.

No time. DX

On that weekend’s Sunday, my big sister took me shopping in Montreal – which is almost the equivalent of New York City. Everything there is bigger, better, and more expensive! I bought this adorable little wallet for 23$, and three pairs of nylons I am planning on starting my fashion change with. XD

DSC_0001Excuse the blur and admire the adorableness that is owls! I’m having an owl-fetish these days. So cute. Apparently, they’re beginning a trend, too! D’Awh C:


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  1. Gubu says:

    Owl fetishes are awesome. Anyways, good luck with your project and Concordia itself.

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