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"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus

must have holiday…!

I’m getting over-blown by this much work, but I’m taking some time tonight for a bit of light writing.

First off, that G.I. Joe movie, directed by Stephen Sommers (who once did a fabulous interpretation of The Mummy), sucked. I don’t know what’s up with him. First, his movies were good, then he did the third Mummy. Why would you do that? You were perfectly fine, and now you just had to ruin it! Uargh! I’m just hoping he’ll learn from his mistakes. Sure, adventure/action movies are fun. But there is a fine line between fun and cheesy.  And this was just… mozzarella. Melted. And thick.

My team & I have been working on a video project, four hours on nights we can meet up – which isn’t very often. Our last night of shooting is wednesday, so we should be finished editing by friday! I’ll be putting it up on my youtube channel, which i will also be revealing. hohoho. thrilling!

Also, Bon Jovi is coming to Montreal and I am DYING to see them live! I’m a die-hard fan. But already, 97% of seats are sold out. And you know what? I AM APART OF THAT POURCENTAGE! My mom & I are going together, as a christmas present! I’m not super greedy on christmas, so one thing this big is totally enough for me! I am so excited I can barely walk. I own twelve of their albums & ready to learn them all by heart for the sake of having a hell of a good time in the city with my mom. We’re not up close, but we’re far up, so my mom is willing to teach me some sneaking tricks she learned as a teenager while watching Supertramp, Elton John, Styx, David Bowie, and a bunch of other epic bands I hate myself for missing. XD

Downside is, I can’t ask for anything else for christmas because of the price of the tickets. D: In total, for two, it cost us 173$. Not bad. The prices went up to 600$ for seats closer to the floor. Then again, I find fans who like to lick their idols’ feet is kind of disturbing. I don’t want to come off as obsessive. I’m not that kind of fan. xD I love em, but I wouldn’t go that far to show my love for them! Haha. Fans can be awfully frightening.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve heard the news, but on Oprah last week, the woman whose face got literally ripped off by her friend’s pet chimpanzee revealed herself for the first time since the incident. But really… I wouldn’t call it an incident. The owner imposed this on herself, I think, but adopting a chimp in the first place. They’re wild animals – look cute in those little diapers as cubs, but when they get older, they need space! They can’t be contained this long without witnessing the existence of its own species. It’s like throwing a kid in the street & expecting he’ll turn out alright. It’s sad, but the truth, and I’m just glad someone learned the lesson.

Or so I thought. Later, I watched an interview with the woman who owned the chimp. She frustrates me, and my heart just breaks remembering what she had to say about this. The press asked if she thought chimps should still be pets and you know what she said? Yes!! WHAT THE HELL, WOMAN!?!?!?! These people disgust me to no end. It drives me nuts, just the same, when I see the sort of dogs who need territory & freedom stuck in the city at the end of a leash. Huskies for example. They belong in the great open fields, not your fucking apartment!

These thoughts lead me to apply at Petsmart. It was an online application thing, with multiple choices, so naturally, I couldn’t express myself there. That would’ve been pretty scary, I think. Anyway, I do hope I get hired… I also hope they don’t sell spiders. They can clean their cages themselves!


Hope y’all had a good weekend.


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One Response

  1. Heidi Rose says:

    The image of someone being so excited it keeps them from walking makes me chuckle.

    Your love of animals is inspiring- you should totally work with pets!

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