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"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus

One With Nature

First off, I must apologize for procrastinating on Mothpowder. You see, Mothpowder is the result of me procrastinating from essays and other school work, and I’ve been having… more than I expected. Sure, I’m comfortable writing essays, but french ones? not as much. The rules are far more complicated, and the subject isn’t one I’m familiar with, so everything’s gone all loopy with my writing. I go from formal to not, and back again. But these days, I’ve been craving some Mothpowder and I know now why I’m having so much difficulty with this.

For one, writing is not my initial medium. I’ve been taught to paint with brushes, not words. This is a challenge. I have my ideas, but when I start to write them out in order, with some kind of flow, the flow fails and I store it away to be forgotten. I suppose I admit I haven’t been confident in my writing. I’m alright with small writing, like poems, mini short stories. They’re simple and that’s my comfort zone. I don’t like complications or detail. Even in my drawings I rarely went further than sketches.  Slowly, I’m returning to the habit of writing. My mom discovered my work (onoes) and encourages me to write more, possibly scripts for films. She’s been nosy, likes to know what I’m up to. But I like my private life, too. Some time alone is always nice and rewarding.

However, I did get a little something out of this writing hiatus.  An idea for a sequel. Its title will be Tearlint. For a third, if it should happen, I have Ashenfade. Hurray! Progress. (:<

Earlier today, I was really inspired by the Behind The Scenes footage of the upcoming movie The Road, starring Viggo Mortensen. Written by the same writer/director who did No Country For Old Men. Maybe The Road will prompt me to see the latter, since I haven’t although I’ve been wanting to since its nominations at the Oscars on its release year. For those who don’t know, The Road is set in a post-apocalyptic America, about a pair of remaining survivors; a father & his son. The movie portrays the emotion the two main characters face so beautifully, and I truly admire the director, who refused to have a studio & instead shot the entire film on location. This movie comes out november 25th, so while I waited for its release, friday night, I watched the new Star Trek movie. Loved it. Highlyrecommend it. I mean, I’m no Trekkie, and I totally fell in love with Chris Pine. He’s a babe, first of all, and his friendship with Spock was so cute. <: Okay, some shots were really cheesy, but it was fun and totally worth watching with my mum!

Speaking of movies.

My own film is currently undergoing post-production. We’re working on editing and hopefully filling out as much as possible until the deadline. It’s due tomorrow, my but team & I believe he’s just bullshitting and the project is going to be pushed for later during the week. So far, it’s looking delicious. We’ve got some nice effects, ideas from everyone in the team. I loved to work on this so much more since we all got a chance to do everything. Directing, filming, editing, sound. Everyone did their part. We even got our own stunt-person.

You cannot go more legit than this.

Funny shooting moment:

we’re getting ready to shoot a scene in the woods. all of a sudden, we pause, start looking at eachother. it smelled like rotten egg.

Ally: Okay, who the hell farted.

Marie: Wasn’t me.

Me: Wasn’t me – and I would tell you if it was me.

We ignore it for a while, keep shooting. It smells like shit now.

Ally: we can’t shoot in this stink. WTF!

me: could be a bear. bears are smelly.

marie: (we were by her house in the middle of nowhere) yeah there’s supposed to be one around here.

Ally: oh great. I’m going to be some overgrown animal’s dinner!

We hear rustling in the woods. Everyone gasps.

Turns out it was a dear doing its business nearby.

I love being one with nature. Don’t you? :D


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