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"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus


I am watching A Haunting In Connecticut for the third time.

I’ve never enjoyed a “horror” movie this much.

Actually, this is a psychological supernatural thriller.

If you watch it this many times, you start looking at the background more than the actual story. I mean, Jonah is almost a perfect portrait of my character Thomas Blair and all… but I mean, look at the hideous decor! Matt really wanted to destroy it that bad.

You’ll have to see it to believe it ;)


Random Monday Moment.



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5 Responses

  1. Heidi Rose says:

    I watched that with my family. It was indeed creepy, but fascinating.

  2. gubu says:

    Oh, thats good. I really need to find a good one besides the popular ones. Well the ones recorded documentary style.
    It’s a good movie, but quite creepy I must admit.

    I changed my link because I’m a dumb person. XD But anyways~ Have you read The Hunger Games Series? Read in the summer, picked up the second book when it was released, got so excited that I hugged the worker, and yeah movie’s coming right after the third book. I’m totally worried about the movie. But same time… third book. People are saying well predicting that Gale will die. He will totally not, because this is the first book that I ‘fangirled’ over and because I’m always attached to the ‘friend’ part of a love triangle. Because you know… it’s (ignore caps) ALWAYS THE FRIEND WHO GETS HURT IN THE END. The friend also gets less fans, because you don’t see much of him, but if you see him more like the first guy, you’d like him more. Haha, I need some medicine, sick for the third time~ ^^;

    • Brigitte says:

      ooh that does look intriguing.
      I’m waiting for my copy of the first Anita Blake series first though. But I will add that one to my list, for sure, and see for myself!
      Hope you feel better soon ~ D:

      • Gubu says:

        -flabbergasted ignore big word- You replied?
        Haha. I was ranting on one of moods. You’ll like the series because of the action. I can’t believe that my favorite genre is getting so famous! Which is Science Fiction and Action. (Like Forest of Hands and Teeh, Uglies, The Hunger Games) Majority of it is usually about a girl for the main character, there are others about guys and all. One of them is the Maze Runner that I remember. Anyways, once, well if you read it, I’m pretty much fine if you like Peeta. Except since I ‘fangirl’ over the series, I somehow get mad if you say Gale has freaky eyebrows. They didn’t draw a picture of him and didn’t describe his face, so I got really mad. Well, I just put thumbs down button. So bye~ I’m also still sick. Ehehe.

    • Brigitte says:

      I actually just bought The Forest Of Hands & Teeth yesterday! I’m currently reading it. It’s positively delicious so far and will most likely distract me from school work (;

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