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"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus

New Year, New starts!

Hope everyone had a wicked New Year’s Eve! With two more years left t’ill 2012, has everyone started planning for their apocalypse? Haha!

Yesterday, we went to see the Princess and The Frog! I’d been wanting to watch it for a while, and I must say, I was really pleased! I’m a big John Lasseter fan, the director who makes most of the new Disney movies, now. The animation was super fun, the story was adorable, and there were some things that I was really surprised to see in a Disney movie! I must’ve cried every fifteen minutes. Mostly because it’s my bad week and I was unnaturally sensitive. Crying over anything and everything in the movie all while keeping it hidden. I was a wreck, basically. Haha.

Also, my older sister and I gathered some friends and we went for a two-hour long karaoke session! The area was Korean, and we were worried that the songbook would be written in Korean too. Luckily, it wasn’t. There were English songs as well as many types of asian. The room was small, and could hold up to nine people, but when we’re all singing and acting crazy, it starts to get hot and we all start to wish we could karaoke outside in the -4 degree snowstorm. Or, ice-storm, rather. The lyrics were written in huge white letters in front of the screen, and the television, at the same time, was showing some korean music videos. They were all so dramatic! Intense and emotionally drive. It didn’t matter if the singer was butch, he could be crying through the entire thing (and one of them was like that… no joke!) A few of them stuck to my mind, and  I wish I could find their original videos on youtube to show you. Some of them were very good while others were … too much.

I remember one of them. A boy trying to catch the attention of a girl he likes. She loves penguins, takes pictures of them, sees them in zoos, and they’re all she ever thinks about. So to catch her attention, he tries to take one for her, and they fall in love. AWH.

Other music videos included the mob, best friends with guns… shooting heroin. Yeah. That was the “too much” part I was talking about! XD

After two hours of karaokeing, we went to Parliament Hill to watch the lights projected on the building. We took pictures, went to see the Prime Minister’s kitty house (there’s at least 20 in there), and we later decided to hit the bars so we could join everyone for the countdown! It was my first time being carded for a bar. Pretty exciting, huh? I couldn’t afford anything, though, so I didn’t take any orders. Oops.

There was a snowstorm (and it’s still snowing today), and still, girls were wearing their heels in there to get to their new year’s bashes. We saw so many attics filled with dancers. Limousines, drunk teenagers, rich tourists at our most expensive hotels, coming to Ottawa just for the welcoming of the new year!

All in all, I think it was a great way to finish the year! (:


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