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"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus

Happy Holidays!

My first week out of school for the holidays has finally begun! And with a blast, indeed! Last Friday, my big sister came back from Montreal where she studies and we (with my mom) went to the movies for James Cameron’s Avatar. This was my first 3D experience and I was absolutely blown away! My mother, panicking beside us, had been worried that she’d get sick but she was so into it. Just the entire film in 3D was like… wow!! My sister and I both reached out towards the screen several times, trying to catch these little creatures floating in the sky. We brushed passed trees and the subtitles seem to hover off the screen. But I didn’t forget to pay attention to the movie, too! Haha. It was very Pocahontas and Titanic mixed together. A good combination. The director knew that people will bash his new film, so I appreciated that he was cautious and stayed in the range of his comfort zone, while keeping the rest of things original and beautiful. Forget what the critics say. Critics are dumb, anyway. Liking a movie is an opinion, not a fucking profession.

Saturday, my big sister had two of her university friends, both attending Concordia in the Art Education program (like her), come over.  They were awesome! We got along super well. We went to the museum of civilization, where they displayed beautiful artifacts, costumes, and artwork by the first nations people of canada back in the colonial era. Apparently the display had been there forever, but I never got to see it, no matter how many times I went. I learned quite a lot, since my sister and her friends are art students and they had a unit on first nations art.

Before we left, we went to see an IMAX there on Ibn Battuta, “a young scholar who left Tangier in 1325 to embark on a long, perilous journey that would take him from Morocco to Mecca nearly 5,000 km to the east.” The scenery was, as usual, completely gorgeous, and I learned a lot on the Muslim culture. I came to the conclusion that Christians were lazy and tried too hard. No offense. o-o

We came home to find my little sister had been doing drugs and acting like a dumbshit again. I will not go into details about this because it is really getting on my nerves and I hope that her encounter with the police opened her eyes. I just want my little sister back =/. Nough said.

Sunday, one of my big sister’s friend Ida accompanied us to Kingston, a two hour drive from my house. It’s a historical city, and we wanted to go see some historical houses, the Fort Henry, the Steam and Marine museums, as well. Unfortunately, when we got there, everything was closed for the winter. So we decided to have tea and I drank a huge cup of Irish Cream tea. It was delicious! I took some videos from the camera my teacher lent me for my short film necessary for my university application. I needed to practice with it, so we had fun there anyway! We made Inukshuks at the beach and walked around on the main streets.

This weekend, I also sent my application to Concordia University! Its film program is renown across the world, and the creative focus is something that I have been longing for months. The process took me two hours, and now I need to get started on the transcripts and portfolio to send it before March. I looked through the available classes and I pretty much drooled. I applied for a Major in Film Production and a Minor in Film Studies! Here’s some examples of my future classes. That is, if they like my portfolio. (and they should, according to my big sister and her Concordia friends (: )

Film Studies:

FMST 212* Film Aesthetics (6 credits)
A study of the aesthetics of film. Topics include film criticism, theories about the fundamental elements of film, and comparisons between films which do not depend on their date of production. Problems of film description, interpretation, and evaluation are discussed. Weekly screenings.

FMST 217 First Nations and Film (3 credits)
A survey of representation by and of aboriginal peoples in film and video. The emphasis is on the Americas, but important works from other continents are included. Films and videotapes, both mainstream and experimental, are discussed in the context of contemporary aesthetic issues, socio-cultural history, and post-colonial theory. Weekly screenings.

FMST 323 History of Animated Film (3 credits)
Prerequisite: Enrolment in the Major in Film Animation or the Minor in Film Animation, or second-year standing*. A survey of animated film from the first decade of the twentieth century to the present. Styles of animation ranging from abstract experimental film of the 1920s, to the Disney Studio, to computer animation are viewed and discussed. The contribution of the National Film Board of Canada and particularly that of Norman McLaren is considered. Weekly screenings.

FMST 391 Sexual Representation in Cinema (3 credits)
Prerequisite: Second-year standing* or six credits in the Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality. An investigation of cinematic sexual imagery as art, communication and socio-cultural phenomenon. Weekly screenings of films and videos, representing fiction, experimental and documentary genres, as well as different historical and cultural contexts, are related to theoretical readings, both classical and contemporary, by authors from Freud and the Surrealists to Foucault and recent feminist and queer theorists. Contemporary issues such as pornography, autobiography, and the HIV epidemic are confronted. Learning is interdisciplinary, interactive and group-oriented.
*66 or fewer credits remaining in degree program.

and there’s about 50 more, including internship on a real set!!

Film Production:

FMPR 336 Introduction to Film Producing (3 credits)
Prerequisite: FMPR 231 or written permission of the School of Cinema. A comprehensive course introducing students to the art of production methods. This implies exposure to the creative and technical aspects of the total production experience, and includes both independent and industry strategies and methods for fundraising, preparation of the project, production budgeting and scheduling techniques, legal and monetary involvement, and post-production, distribution, and exhibition strategies.

FMPR 343 Production Design (3 credits)
Prerequisite: Enrolment in the Major in Film Production, FMPR 231, FMST 211 and 212; or written permission of the School of Cinema. A practical examination of the visual aspects of film production. Topics in production design considered may include texture and visual styles, the collaborative process, project management, and the nature of constraints which apply to student and independent productions.

FMPR 350 Ways of Seeing in Film Production (3 credits)
Prerequisite: Enrolment in a Film Production program; FMPR 231; FMST 211, 212. A forum of ideas intended to increase the student’s awareness of cinema as a visual medium. Aspects of our visual culture are presented and discussed: work by painters, photographers, sculptors, architects, and artists working with digital media. A relationship is made between the work of such artists and the work of the filmmaker. Students work on individual visual projects.

FMPR 341 Writing for Film I (3 credits)
Prerequisite: Enrolment in the Major in Film Production; FMPR 231; FMST 211, 212. An introduction to writing for film, with special emphasis on the relation of the script to filmmaking. Students are expected to submit work of their own for discussion, analysis, and possible production in film-making courses. Students will also use special computer software to write scripts.

I mean, wow! And there’s classes on women & cinema, irish cinema, israeli cinema, gay cinema…. the only sad part is that I’m going to have to make choices! I want them all !! ; _ ;


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Tuesday Treasures

Seems I don’t have much to say besides posting random things I find on the net. SNL is becoming too great a distraction!

Oh well! Life will come when it comes.

christian bale & maggie gyllenhaal for the dark knight promotion

rupert grint fulfilling his dream (:

lady gaga meets the queen

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another montreal weekend

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Montreal, lately, my home city. It’s two hours away, so i’m surprised about the number of times we’ve been going. Annually, we have a generation party where the adult cousins have their own meet, and us, the younger generation cousins/siblings/boyfriends/husbands do our thing, too.

We arrived at the condo at around 3pm, bringing in the necessary booze and munchies. I made the most BEAUTIFUL deviled eggs and brought this strangely sweet alcohol we officially dubbed “the girl-drink”, due to its many various flavors. There was blueberry (disgusting), raspberry (tolerable), green apple (way too sweet), and lime (didn’t get that far.). I had a lot of fun, trying to ignore my little sister’s teenagehood brooding about and what not. She thinks no one likes her and she depresses for no reason, being a little drama queen. It’s driving me nuts.

With so much food, I really wasn’t sure what was the supper and what was the appetizers. Everything was doubled, so when industrial-size spaghetti “for the army”, as my cousin put it, was served, I could only survive three bites before I felt I was giving birth. Plus, with the sugary alcohol, it wasn’t a very good combination.

Question of digesting, we turned to Guitar Hero on their big-screen TV (because you can’t have a mid-city condo without a plasma screen), and I learned to play. I’m a bit of a delinquent, so I had a hard time getting the notes right, especially since the plastic guitars there are not the same as real ones – not that I play them. I’m just saying.

Anyway, so we played a few rounds. My cousin Eve’s boyfriend kicked all of our asses on expert (he was 6th place against 24 people who did a competition in the middle of nowhere. woopdeedoo.). Later, her brother Pierre came. He’s had every kind of problem you can imagine. Alcohol, drugs, school, dropping out, stable job. He’s 20 years old now, and he’s slowly getting back together – cancelling out the drugs, first. We wasn’t all quiet as he was before though, last I saw him. He was friendly, talkative, not at all reserved or wobbly. I caught a glimpse of a scar over his eye from the time he smacked his face against a clothing line and I couldn’t help but laugh.  He works at Tim Horton’s now, making doughnuts. He told us that several times, people come in with their friends and ask for a prank for their friend. What is the prank you ask? A mayonnaise filler at seven in the morning. Delicious.

I visited his apartment, but with the winding staircase layered with ice, it was impossible to bring the dog up so I stayed with my older sister to wait. He and my little sister had to talk. Because she lets herself be influenced easily. And he’s an influence.

I try not to care because she asks me not to, really. But I just can’t. I mean, she’s my baby sister! All she does is complain about her boring life and how she can’t stay more than an hour at home. She can’t fall to drugs for some stupid teenage phase. Eve told me there was nothing to it, that in three months, she’ll get sick of it and go back to normal. I don’t really know what to think about that. I just really hate this whole drama scene that she’s trying to create for herself to make her life seem more interesting.

So now I’m back home.  There’s a lot of snow outside now, and the ground’s already completely covered.  My boots have holes in them and they’re worn through, so the snow melts and sucks right into my socks. I did buy a new coat, though, and it’s absolutely beautiful! I can get a picture of it soon.

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Tuesday Treasures

Here’s for this week’s nonsense

To begin with, think more deeply about your next trip to MikkyD’s.

Light up a nude-candle

With Joseph Gordon Levitt, being sexy as ever. He looks so much like Heath Ledger.

This is really clever. I love.

This doesn’t make any sense, but hell, why not!

Too cute to be true. Up marketing, anyone?

Psycho shower curtain – want.

A bit of sparkles & lols

I like this, too.

Stunning fashion!

I seriously cannot wait to go see The Road. I mean, look at Viggo. He’s such a brilliant actor, beautifully portraying those emotions like he was a real daddy. Well, he is, but i mean, not to this kid – who’s adorable, by the way!

Also, I’d like to add that my aunt received the Quebec citizen of the year medal recently for – no joke – saving a boy from a truck that was threatening to explode on the side of the road. (:

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The Girl With The Blue Eyes

I was recovering from a PMS moment after discovering that I had, indeed, kept my IPod in my sweater pocket rather than my coat pocket, my face still slightly reddish from crying from embarrassment/the lols, when I returned to my seat to blast up a sequence of Boston through my ears. I liked spending some time alone to think about stuff, and I normally did that in the bus in the morning or evening. A distraction came when a finger tapped my shoulder.

“You look bored.” I turned around. A tiny girl – must have been about 4 1/2 feet tall – had the face of a Pixar character, with startling blue eyes, freckles around them, and clashing black hair. She grinned over at me, greeting me as though she’d known me for years. I’ve only been on that bus for three months and I’d never spoken to her otherwise, except from that one time when I told her she had really pretty eyes.

She sat down next to me. I admit I was a little shocked, unsure how to react. She started talking to me casually, telling me her life story. She was a foster kid, sent away because her mother was an alcoholic and her father couldn’t take care of her. She loves her foster family, now, but we both agreed that Ottawa was a boring place. We high-fived. She later started to recite bits of her life, her pets, moments her mother nearly killed her – “like that time she had a seizure in the car – while she was driving”. I listened to her, my heart wrenching. How could a girl so tiny go through so much in so little time? This was nothing like a main character from a book or a movie I’ve ever read or seen. She continued her story, telling me how the kids in her class bullied her and called her the Cat Lady for her appearance (which is really astonishing, by the way). It made me want to go up to them and force them into watching the Pianist. “See how you like bullying now, motherfuckers D8< !”

She thinks I’m cool, wants to talk more on the bus. She’s so sweet/quirky. The kind of personality normal kids her age really avoid. I don’t want her to be bothered by them. Something precious like that, you can’t break! I swear if I catch one of those sneaky bastards talk shit about her, I will come with fists on fire! Okay, not really, but I’ll definitely teach them a lesson or two. I get to have this kind of power, you know, being a senior and all.

Earlier today, my geography teacher (the jerk who can’t speak french) opened up to us. He explained us, his eyes welling up, about his severe high blood pressure and how it’s affecting him both emotionally and physically. He apologized for the way he was treating us and how he wasn’t really “into” his teaching. He wants to be, but with his condition, it’s very hard. I felt horrible for talking badly about him – still do, too. For the entire hour of the period, he was honest, and we took some time to joke around, have a bit of fun.

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I am watching A Haunting In Connecticut for the third time.

I’ve never enjoyed a “horror” movie this much.

Actually, this is a psychological supernatural thriller.

If you watch it this many times, you start looking at the background more than the actual story. I mean, Jonah is almost a perfect portrait of my character Thomas Blair and all… but I mean, look at the hideous decor! Matt really wanted to destroy it that bad.

You’ll have to see it to believe it ;)


Random Monday Moment.


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Dear Santa

If I was rich for Christmas, I would ask for…


these lavender hummingbird tights.

realy hot Preen Line PVC pants

(I really like this Victor Osborne Cloche Hat)

to go with these Dior heels

and this hinged owl necklace – without forgetting the rhinestone feather earrings or the sailboat mocassins

while listening to emilie mover’s good shake, nice gloves.

and watching Skins season 1, a haunting in Connecticut, & Public Enemies

When I get them, I’ll give you a big, smeary red lipstick stain!



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Yesterday in history

Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the british band Queen, died 18 years ago. Their last show was in Montreal, my home city, and my mother was one of the lucky ones who had the chance to see them live.

In honor of his death, I give to you the Muppets’ rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.

I think my liver fell out while I was laughing so hard watching this !! XD

In other news

(I felt like putting this here)

Brainstorming for Mothpowder is going fabulously. I didn’t think I could ever be this organised. It helps so much to note scenes down before writing them all out ! I feel kind of stupid. Why did’t I think of this before…

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Tuesday Treasures!


I haven’t done one of these in, like, forever!

So, like, ENJOY!

I’ve actually been feeding on Tumblr lately, which is where I find most of my TT stuff.

This is a broomstick taking a parking spot for some Harry Potter advertisement by Warner Bros.

My idol, Mr. Burton, for his exhibit currently at the MoMa. I really really really want to go see !!!! Probably won’t be able to, though D:

Remember real-life Jasmine? Here’s real-life Rocahontas for you.

The Phelps twins! Awhh.

Poke-planes for Nippon Airlines !

The most adorable cat in the world. Looks like Cumulus!

Robert Downey Jr. Who else can’t wait for Sherlock Holmes?

Human candles.

“Stephen Wiltshire draws an 18-foot panorama of New York from memory, after he took a 20-minute helicopter ride over the city last week.”

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One With Nature

First off, I must apologize for procrastinating on Mothpowder. You see, Mothpowder is the result of me procrastinating from essays and other school work, and I’ve been having… more than I expected. Sure, I’m comfortable writing essays, but french ones? not as much. The rules are far more complicated, and the subject isn’t one I’m familiar with, so everything’s gone all loopy with my writing. I go from formal to not, and back again. But these days, I’ve been craving some Mothpowder and I know now why I’m having so much difficulty with this.

For one, writing is not my initial medium. I’ve been taught to paint with brushes, not words. This is a challenge. I have my ideas, but when I start to write them out in order, with some kind of flow, the flow fails and I store it away to be forgotten. I suppose I admit I haven’t been confident in my writing. I’m alright with small writing, like poems, mini short stories. They’re simple and that’s my comfort zone. I don’t like complications or detail. Even in my drawings I rarely went further than sketches.  Slowly, I’m returning to the habit of writing. My mom discovered my work (onoes) and encourages me to write more, possibly scripts for films. She’s been nosy, likes to know what I’m up to. But I like my private life, too. Some time alone is always nice and rewarding.

However, I did get a little something out of this writing hiatus.  An idea for a sequel. Its title will be Tearlint. For a third, if it should happen, I have Ashenfade. Hurray! Progress. (:<

Earlier today, I was really inspired by the Behind The Scenes footage of the upcoming movie The Road, starring Viggo Mortensen. Written by the same writer/director who did No Country For Old Men. Maybe The Road will prompt me to see the latter, since I haven’t although I’ve been wanting to since its nominations at the Oscars on its release year. For those who don’t know, The Road is set in a post-apocalyptic America, about a pair of remaining survivors; a father & his son. The movie portrays the emotion the two main characters face so beautifully, and I truly admire the director, who refused to have a studio & instead shot the entire film on location. This movie comes out november 25th, so while I waited for its release, friday night, I watched the new Star Trek movie. Loved it. Highlyrecommend it. I mean, I’m no Trekkie, and I totally fell in love with Chris Pine. He’s a babe, first of all, and his friendship with Spock was so cute. <: Okay, some shots were really cheesy, but it was fun and totally worth watching with my mum!

Speaking of movies.

My own film is currently undergoing post-production. We’re working on editing and hopefully filling out as much as possible until the deadline. It’s due tomorrow, my but team & I believe he’s just bullshitting and the project is going to be pushed for later during the week. So far, it’s looking delicious. We’ve got some nice effects, ideas from everyone in the team. I loved to work on this so much more since we all got a chance to do everything. Directing, filming, editing, sound. Everyone did their part. We even got our own stunt-person.

You cannot go more legit than this.

Funny shooting moment:

we’re getting ready to shoot a scene in the woods. all of a sudden, we pause, start looking at eachother. it smelled like rotten egg.

Ally: Okay, who the hell farted.

Marie: Wasn’t me.

Me: Wasn’t me – and I would tell you if it was me.

We ignore it for a while, keep shooting. It smells like shit now.

Ally: we can’t shoot in this stink. WTF!

me: could be a bear. bears are smelly.

marie: (we were by her house in the middle of nowhere) yeah there’s supposed to be one around here.

Ally: oh great. I’m going to be some overgrown animal’s dinner!

We hear rustling in the woods. Everyone gasps.

Turns out it was a dear doing its business nearby.

I love being one with nature. Don’t you? :D

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