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"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus

Chamonix au pays des merveilles

My 13-year-old french spagnol on the morning after our christmas party at the family cottage. There’s ice everywhere, it’s windy, but absolutely beautiful! She looks so happy, too, after spending four hours in a car. Excuse the rough quality and shakiness (“: I’m still getting used to my new baby. It’s super light. Did I mention? XD

Now, this is only a corner of the cottage. It is much bigger than this. Something like a little village?


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Early Tuesday Treasures

I won’t be able to post tomorrow, with a friend coming over (I’ll explain why later ;D), so here’s this week’s tuesday treasures!


Hillywood on youtube.

These girls make the most amazing Johnny Depp/Tim Burton character impersonations, I’ve been watching them all day rather than rake leaves and work on human geographies project. I know, I know, but I did get things done in the end! These are fabulous.

My favorite? Or at least one of them:


I am totally bedazzled by the camera and lighting work – and they’re probably younger than me ! D8

So much talent… beautiful costumes !! I think I died inside !

Anemone shrimp. It’s like made from glass!

Jelly bean art. =D

Daniel Radcliffe & Mike Newell on the set of Goblet of Fire. C:

Rob = already getting into Edward character. Except… not so much a pansy.

fdgrkjtgrjk lkjdgrkjb those dogs…. want. so fashionable. tall. pretty. DX

book art. =D sorry, this is just cool.

Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles on the set of Supernatural. This… made me jizz.

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Ghoul School

Sleep Tight

It’s almost that time of the year AND I AM PUMPED!
My birthday, Halloween, the calm before the storm (literally, here.). I am looking forward to October like a mother is to her child’s first day of school.
Seriously. Last weekend, I went to Ghoul School, which stands for the training day for my workplace. I am no longer a newbie there and it feels great. I can chill with the old-timers, the kids who have been working there for years & years, and the managers, who are equally as cool. They are fabulous characters & I love to hang out with them. I must say, I took a bit of an advantage to having my good friend Rosie come back as well, since she’s known them longer than I have. In the presentation (there was at least 300 kids/employees), and I was a bit disappointed that most of them were 15 years old or younger. Hopefully I won’t have them on my ass all the time like last year – they do get quite irritating when they pop up out of nowhere, and you’re trying to stick to character. It’s a huge challenge.
We went through the basic principles of safe work, and every time we passed through a new bulletpoint, I laughed to myself, remembering that that had happened to me. It was very nostalgic. It was sad also to realize that none of these new kids know that they will be facing a lot more than angry customers. Drunk ones, drugged ones, people who aren’t smart enough to go out in public sober. Yeah, I’ve seen many dark things but it has built my character what it is today and in some ways, I’m happy about it. Also, because some of the things I have encountered last year were just plain hilarious.
A lot of things were added to the park. In the house (Barn of Terror), we now have glow in the dark plastic maggots! They finally repainted the walls, and added heads hanging from the ceiling to head level, so they brush against your face when you walk through. My favorite feature is still the Whispering Walls, though, which they only added last year. They added this kind of inflatable wall also, that squishes you. It’s called Claustrophobia. It’s fantastic, and not good for druggies. I suspect chaos. C: The last scene has an underground patch or something like a coffin where someone is supposed to be buried alive and the actor has to slam against the hockey glass yelling as the people walk over. It’s pretty wicked, except it’s a tight spot and there is a tendency of fog-up.
The Field of Screams also shows some new features. It’s like a trail, with several scenes placed here and there, usually accompanied with a theme. This year, the trail was themed as a microcosm of the entire park. My team leader, Dave, was super pumped about it and he was giddy as a school girl.
The entire day was a lot of fun. Cold, but still sunny. I just hope the weather will be as generous as last year!

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