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New Moon Parody – The Best of The West!

I don’t know if you all remember, but a few weeks ago, I posted a Tuesday Treasures with a video from Hannah & Hilly Hindi’s infamous Hillywood Show on youtube. They only recently came out with a 10minute preview of their current work in progress, which I am totally looking forward to… more than the DVD release of New Moon itself. I think I mentioned before that my only reason for watching it was for showing my support for Dakota Fanning. Dudes, I could really go up to that DVD desk, take out a 20$ bill, and write TO DAKOTA FANNING ONLY on it before getting the movie. Kristen Stewart can wax those annoying little eyebrows right off her face, because these sisters are really more talented than she could ever be… and they’re only on youtube!

I’m only promoting this because personally, I think it kicks a lot of ass.

Please, enjoy. (:

PS: Hahahahahahaha…. shit, my handcream bottle just ripped apart and exploded.


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Tuesday Treasures

Here’s for this week’s nonsense

To begin with, think more deeply about your next trip to MikkyD’s.

Light up a nude-candle

With Joseph Gordon Levitt, being sexy as ever. He looks so much like Heath Ledger.

This is really clever. I love.

This doesn’t make any sense, but hell, why not!

Too cute to be true. Up marketing, anyone?

Psycho shower curtain – want.

A bit of sparkles & lols

I like this, too.

Stunning fashion!

I seriously cannot wait to go see The Road. I mean, look at Viggo. He’s such a brilliant actor, beautifully portraying those emotions like he was a real daddy. Well, he is, but i mean, not to this kid – who’s adorable, by the way!

Also, I’d like to add that my aunt received the Quebec citizen of the year medal recently for – no joke – saving a boy from a truck that was threatening to explode on the side of the road. (:

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Tuesday Treasures

Another good day today! My friends are collaborating on paying me a ticket to the Homecoming this november. I’m so excited and utterly grateful! Also, with our Steven Speilberg collection in tech/media class, we finished watching Close Encounters of The Third Kind. The teacher calls it the epiphany of suspense in a major motion picture. He’s right…. perhaps even too right! You’ll have to see for yourselves if you haven’t seen this. Very hip during my mother’s teenage years.

Also… apparently, I’m the boob fairy. Says the ass-licking little creature who looks like

I’m scared, too. *shudders*

mural art. pretty rad. i want this on my bedroom wall. not even joking.


a collection of amazing contemporary artwork.

very pretty fashion photography.

This boy… delightfully shaggable.

I lol’d! XD

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