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"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus

Christmas Post

Hope everyone had a wicked christmas. Mine was awesome!!

There were only a few downs. On the 23rd & 24th, my stomach was rejecting pretty much everything I was eating. No cheese, no fast food, not even a simple sandwich. Luckily, it didn’t last up to the 25th, so I was clear by then. My dad brought back a huge LCD flatscreen and we watch the new Star Trek movie on it until midnight. At midnight sharp, we could start opening our presents!

This year, I was sure my parents won the lottery or something. After the huge television, it started out with the remaining seasons my mom was missing from the Buffy series. We have all seven seasons now, so my mom can now start collecting Angel! We love Joss Whedon here. Then, I got cranberry handcream from my sisters – a really big cup full of it from the Body Shop. The store seems to be gaining some popularity, too. Anyway, I also got Public Enemies (which was really not as good as I thought it would be, but the cover’s nice?), delicious Lindor chocolate, a ticket to the Bon Jovi concert and then I opened another package… and it was a CAMCORDER! And it is B.A.UTIFUL! With my determination to continue my education in film, my parents got it to me so I can further pursue my passion! I tried it, and the whole thing is just fabulous. I can take photos and videos, put some shiny effects, record directly without use of a tape, and it is light as a feather! I can’t wait to start working on my short film for my portfolio, now. I am so much more motivated to finish it!

On the 26th, we had to attend two christmas parties. The first, at noon, on my dad’s side. A little boring (they’re kind of snotty), but I got a few good conversations and got to see again how fast my cousins grow on that side. They’re all either my age or younger, and it is really strange to see them get so tall since I see them once or twice a year. I tried not to eat too much, being cautious with my bad stomach, and I luckily left some space in there for dinner.

Dinner was served at the family cottage on my mom’s side. In winter there, the waves freeze up almost instantly and they turn into crystal caves, once big enough to hold eight of us at once. Now, on that side, my cousin Marie (she’d just returned from a trip to Morocco/Asia) is a director of photography and she helped me sort out some things for college, offered her help, and everything. I also spoke to my uncle’s wife, who no one likes and who actually seemed very interested in my future plans. She thought it was impressive (especially coming from me. Because I don’t look like someone with a plan) that I had it all sorted out already and I was very confidentially following that path. They’d just returned from a England, and it was awesome to hear about the home of the Queen. Apparently, everything there is always busy, worse than NYC, and absolutely everything is twice as expensive as it is in North America.

My other Aunt, the organizer of the crew, had this brilliant idea to have everyone participate in a family “montage”. At special moments, you’d break out in dance and film yourself. She did it while receiving her very important medal. The woman who gave it to her looked at her like she was crazy to the song Love Generation by Bob Sinclair. It was hilarious. They danced in Europe with the Quebec flag, the newest baby, Raphael  danced, they danced in Vietnam on the boats… yeah. My family is random :p Unfortunately, we didn’t have a video camera to participate, but now that we do… expect me to break out in dance at random moments!  Haha.

For dinner, I made delicious home-made nanaimo bars. My specific recipe drove everyone mad. In a good way, of course. It was the most popular food there and I admit I was pretty proud of myself! Despite the cream sliding off the sides in every direction.

All in all, I had a good time and I am looking forward to New Year’s Eve. I hope I’m going to have plans. o-o Since I’m of legal drinking age now, I might hit the bars or something. We’ll see!


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Not-So-Sunny Sunday

Today, my team & I worked on a new project for my video class. This time, we have two different team mates – boys – because we were told we could only be a five-person team – and also, we avoided joining other people we…… don’t like much. We were being elitists, I think. But hey, better than being teamed up with my very own stalker-boy. Urgh.

Each of us were assigned a different position as a production team. I was on camera, choosing angles and the right composition of the picture. But our self-proclaimed director thought I was incompetent with technology and decided to push me aside so she could do it instead. I tried about ten times to get my job back. I did everything I could but somehow, the camera always fell back to her. Being my bad week , I was obviously not happy.  Our light bulb was exploded before we could even do anything to it, our boom mike rod broke, and everything was a bundle of mess. So naturally, I didn’t want to make things worse and we ended up not arguing. I let her have it her way. Because I’m a peace keeper. I’m not territorial. If something doesn’t go my way, that’s fine. It ain’t the end of the world. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be pissed off.

We luckily got to finish the last scene (It’s a 30-second film) before the rain could get worse enough to damage the camera. We always get rain when we’re shooting! It’s frustrating. It didn’t make my day any better. But you know what did? Led Zeppelin. I got some free CD’s from the library. 4 albums of Zeppelin. I came home, locked myself in my room, and blasted it up. And now, here I am, telling you about it. Because this music rocks.

My mother actually walked in on Dazed & Confused, looking very surprised. “That stuff still exists?! Wow.”

me: “It’s genius, mom. I don’t listen to that crap rappers say about fucking their girlfriends’ aunts.”

mom: “Man, we only liked this kind of music because we were high all the time.”

me: “Nah, weed only makes it better.”

mom: “what?”

me: “oh, nothing, um- what does being high mean?”

She laughed. She knows I’ve smoked weed before. Reminiscing the good old days I never actually witnessed in person.

By the way, If you were wondering about that picture on top – it’s a LZ cover. Pretty sweet photography, I think.

Anyways. I’m going to eat super and then watch the new season of The Amazing Race. We love the Jerry Bruckheimer reality shows (he also produced survivor. And randomly, Pirates of the Caribbean, and CSI. ). The Amazing Race is like family reunion. Except we get to laugh at people struggle or argue with people they “love”. Traveling across the world for money causes a lot of tension between a couple.

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