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"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus

Travels: The Big A

May fourteenth to seventeeth, my art teacher and my sister’s biology teacher organized a trip to New York City as they have done for the past few years. My older sister went while she was in eleventh grade, and I thought, as I was going through her pictures, ‘damn. new york city. the big apple. let’s.’ I needed adventure, to get away from this shithole and head for the city. But on the week before the trip, swine flew hit, and the number of cases in the u.s grew up to 50 in the area we were heading.

‘To hell with it’, my sister’s biology teacher said during the last meeting. It was too late to get our money back anyway. Everyone attending was ready to risk their health for adventure — and of course, loads of shopping.

a piece of the group, in front of the metropolitain.

Luckily, I was due to start my period the day of the trip, and I spent all bus ride checking under my seat, just to make sure I hadn’t leaked through my jeans. I warned everyone that I needed to be warned if it happened, and they were nice enough to understand what I was going through. Whatever force is at work here — thank you for lending me a stain-free 8-hour bus ride in exchange for a full day of rain. Really, I appreciate it. I’d rather be wet with rain than wet with — well, you know.

Halfway through the trip, we finally made it to the border over the Thousand Island Lake. I’ve kayaked through it one summer with my family. We’d just finished watching Dirty Dancing on the small televisions and we had loads of fun singing along to the final number. Even the teachers accompanying were clapping their hands while we sang. Anyway, we got our passports checked and everything, and I was shoked when I heard that one of the seniors were kicked out of the bathroom line by a police officer, who had obviously misjudged him because of his middle-eastern appearance. They called it a ‘federal offense’. Yeah, right. Racist bastards. In any case, we stopped a bit after to eat at this mall in the middle of nowhere. There was actually this jazzy/hip-hop sort of music on our way to the bathroom there. It was like elevator music, but not really. I called it ‘On-your-way-to-the-bathroom music. :)

We finally made it to Time Square at around seven pm. I made the dumbest decision to stick with my sister and her friends, thinking they wouldn’t get me lost and they’d stop where I’d wanted to stop. We headed first to the ginormous Toys ‘R Us, made a quick round through the store and even met spiderman! I told him we were Canadian. He said we were cool. <3 style=”color: rgb(255, 255, 255);”>onblur=”try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}” href=”http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_OnNlhGY5G80/Sh8Vot8KOkI/AAAAAAAAADQ/5L4BdFioCI4/s1600-h/051.JPG”&gt;

pokemon world @ Toys R Us, Time Square

We went to eat at the biggest McDonald’s I’ve ever seen. There were two stories to it, with a bouncer before the stairs. There was even the number of carbs written for every meal! It’s a little OCD, but it’s still kinda cool. Our next stop was The Rockerfeller Building! It was pouring rain and hard to take pictures, but we all loved the light room, where colorful lights blinked against the walls and ceiling. I wanted to see the set of Saturday Night Live, but it was Thursday. So… fail, there.

the view from the very top of the tower. And look! Central Park!

And there was day one in new york city.

Our hotel was in New Jersey, home of The Jonas Brothers. Guess how many girls squealed at the pointlessly huge poster right before our hotel. Yeah. Lots.

First night I didn’t sleep very well. One of my roommates breathed like she had a cat stuck in her nostrils, and I was afraid she might die any second! Needless to say, I was pretty messy in the morning. The only thing that kept me awake was the fact that, well, we were in New York City!

So thing in the morning, we did a tour with this lady who couldn’t speak very well french. I dunno, I didn’t mind her besides that. I just didn’t like that we couldn’t get one of those double decker buses so my pictures wouldn’t all turn out disgustingly blurry =/ I did my best though!

So, on the tour, we went through 5th avenue, rockerfeller center (again), St.Patrick Cathedral, Time Square, Empire State building, Madison Square, SoHo, and Ground Zero. There was really nothing to see at ground zero, since we didn’t go to the museum. There was only construction work and a big hole. Our tour guide explained that the security now is insanely tight (despite the fact that the attack was from the sky), so we took pictures with some NYPD guy. Just cuz, well, he was NYPD.


the front of Trump Tower. Through the bus window.

john lennon’s apartment. yoko’s still in there.

st. patrick’s cathedral

We also saw the Interprid, which is the ship used on the set of I Am Legend.

After that, we spent the afternoon shopping on Canal Street/China Town. I bought good bargains that included a Versage bag for 25$, Yes Yes perfume by Paris Hilton for 15$, six I Heart New York shirts for twelve dollars, and then I bought two pairs of bootie shorts for 10$ at H&M. I would’ve liked to buy more (I had brought lots of money) but my sister was always in a hurry and i didn’t want to get lost and stay behind. >>’

In the evening, we watched a fourty minute show at the American Museum of Natural History called Sonic Vision. Basically, it was a huge IMAX room except round, with really cool 3D effects that followed the beat of music. It was like ‘The trip without the acid’.

on Saturday, we went to the museum of modern art. we saw some pretty messed up things, but most of the museum was kind of disappointing and boring… Before that, we had time to shop through the little market beside the place and i found some 5$ earphones that broke yesterday. haha;;

After lunch, we had to sprint through the American Museum of Natural History, because a select few students were allowed to leave with my art teacher to go see the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We took the subway there and I went to see the fashion exhibit that was displaying gorgeous gowns from designers from the 1940s to present day. Real Galiano dresses were shown too. Gorgeous stuff.

the galliano display

inside the MMA

Then things started getting a little hard for me. My feet were actually mutated from so much walking, and I could barely handle it. But I had to shut my mouth because every time i opened it, people assumed i was complaining, when really, i was only suggesting to go eat somewhere we could actually sit down. Obviously, that didn’t happen because my sister was forgetting about everyone again and being all “me,me,me” and shit. I wanted to take a taxi, for the experience, but no one listened. Urgh.

At Madame Tussauds, i was a bit more cheerful. Or at least I tried to be. We took a bunch of photos with celebrity wax sculptures, but we could only see four floors of it. I really would have wanted to see more. It all seemed so short. Not to mention we were still darting through everything!

me and woody allen — and my Versage bag =D

Sunday was really chilly.
I wanted to buy an NYPD sweater, but the sleeves were too short and the waist too big!
so i gave up xD
We went through this little african village where people spoke french, so we took advantage of waiting in line before Gospel and went there instead. Oh, I started to get sick, too. Like, with a cold. It was pretty bad when we came back to Ottawa, and plus i had a math test to write on the next day, including two photography projects and a french project. I stayed home after that, but felt like shit during my test and cried. Turns out, every body except two or three people were sick from our trip.

Must be the Swine.


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